SailTime Newport Training

Learn sailing and boating skills at SailTime Newport

Sailtime Newport provides a full range of training to both new and existing members. We can provide a number of RYA/YA courses. Additionally, we provide a number of experience days that will help you brush up on certain skills – whether you are a complete novice or an experienced sailor, SailTime has a training solution for you.

To enable you as a member or owner-member to sail alone and unassisted we require you to have reached the RYA/YA Day Skipper qualification (theory and practical). We strongly believe that this standard is the minimum that will enable you to feel confident in handling the boat and to enjoy your sailing with family and friends.

The ensuing professionalism of your sailing also helps to avoid unnecessary boating incidents that might otherwise result in the damage of the boat, spoiling the enjoyment of the SailTime experience for you and for others. Also, the owner-member knows that their boat is being sailed by select and competent members who undoubtedly will become seafaring friends.

Whilst you are working towards your RYA/YA Day Skipper qualification you can, of course, still sail. However, it is a requirement that you have onboard someone, guest or instructor, of Day Skipper standard or higher.

One of the benefits of SailTime is that you are able to use your sailing time to enjoy instruction on your own yacht rather than in a group situation onboard a basic and unfamiliar sailing school training boat.

Through one of the SailTime affiliated RYA/YA sailing schools we are able to provide you with professional quality training on your yacht to help you become a more confident skipper, regardless of your initial standard. Our programme gives you the flexibility to have a Sailing Instructor or Yachtmaster Instructor onboard for one-to-one tuition, group tuition, or simply as a companion to help build your confidence on a new boat.

See www.sailtimesailingschool.com.au for further details

Short courses

In addition to the RYA/YA courses, there are a number of ‘improve/ refresh your skills’  training programs. These provide great opportunity to sharpen your skills. Ranging from Man Over Board, Sail Trimming, Mooring techniques, Anchoring, Night Sailing, navigation or just mile building, there is something for all experience levels of sailor to benefit from.

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