How can I secure the area I live in for a SailTime franchise?

Once we have approved you as a prospective base owner we commence our Base Zero-360 review and approval process for your nominated location which takes on average around 120-180 days from initial discussion to opening your base

As part of that process you will be required, should you elect to go forward , to enter into a Franchise agreement . Once you have approved the Franchise Agreement and are in a position to proceed, you will be asked to pay an initial deposit to demonstrate your commitment. The balance of your investment comes when we sign the agreement

You will then need to nominate a training week to commence your initial 5 day induction training .

It is important before any commitment is made that potential Franchise owners understand that there are no guarantees given concerning their investment. Franchise owners join Sailtime on the understanding that they are not buying a job. They are starting their own business within a proven Franchise system, the success of which is largely determined by their own efforts.

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