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Live the dream of Boat Ownership – Become a Yacht or Motor Cruiser Owner with SailTime Australia

SailTime provides a unique boat ownership opportunity that is the affordable alternative to Boat Share, Boat Syndicate and traditional Charter.

SailTime™ Boat Owners enjoy a boat ownership program that combines access to regular sailing with high quality yacht management and peace of mind. All for significantly reduced financial cost when compared to traditional ownership.

The SailTime boat ownership model is a new approach to ownership offering investors reduced cost of ownership, professional “no hassles” vessel management PLUS the unique benefit of having access to any of our 115+ boats in 35+ bases around the world.

Most people who own a boat find that they only get to use it just 3-4 times per month. The cost of yacht ownership typically includes marina fees of $600-$1200 per month plus monthly finance repayments which can range from $2500 to $4000 plus the additional costs of boat repairs, ongoing maintenance, insurance, cleaning etc.

SailTime provides an alternative, proven innovative and affordable approach to ownership. Through SailTime’s Owner/Investor program you can enjoy ownership of a highly specified, fully maintained luxury vessel and earn a healthy income to offset your maintenance and marine mortgage repayments. Using our experience of operating more than 35 bases with a fleet of more than 115 boats worldwide, we can offer a proven marketing program that gets you on the water and makes financial sense.

SailTime PLUS opens up a world of possibility for SailTime boat owners and members.

As a SailTime Owner- you are automatically enrolled into our exclusive SailTime Plus Global Access Program so that, in addition to sailing your boat in local waters, you can also access our global fleet of over 115 vessels in more than 35 bases worldwide throughout North America, UK and, Australia.

No other ownership program delivers the same benefits of owning your boat as SailTime:

  • To find out more about our unique Owner Members program please complete our enquiry form, call us on 1300 944 974 or speak to your local base for more information.


“We joined SailTime as members and it worked so well that after the first year, we decided to become owner members. We’d always wanted a bigger boat and when we walked into SailTime, we thought – let’s sign up now! The concept is excellent. Being an owner member is ideal because it helps us pay the boat off.

We sleep very easily at night knowing everything’s looked after properly. Members take care of our boat as though it’s their own; we’ve never had a problem. SailTime also manages our boat brilliantly.

If you want to sail without the worry of paying for a boat and all the costs that go with it, SailTime is ideal – it truly is a walk-on, walk-off scenario. Perfect for busy people like us! We’re now coming up to our 2nd year as owner members, and are so happy with the arrangement”.

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