Becoming a Sailtime Marine Business Owner

Steps to becoming the owner of a new SailTime Marine Business.

  1. Visit the bases under Locations to see where SailTime bases are located and our targeted locations.  Please note that we are open to discussing areas not listed as target locations assuming the suggested location makes good business sense.
  2. Complete and submit the Initial Expression of Interest Form.
  3. Read and sign a Confidentiality Agreement and email it at

Once we receive your signed Confidentiality Agreement, we can begin the mutual information gathering and Due Diligence process. We will contact you to arrange for a suitable time to talk. During this discussion we will be looking to understand your motivation to become a SailTime Business Owner as well as giving you an overview of our business. Of course, you can  speak to Graham Raspass directly on 0418 168 231.

If these initial discussions are mutually favourable, we will accept you as a candidate to begin the SailTime – Zero to 360 review and approval process.

Prior to completing the Information Request Form we recommend you take into account the following important considerations. As part of our initial discussion, we would seek your feedback for each of these business skills and how they relate to you.

Your Vision

We are looking for individuals with a strong entrepreneurial spirit. Our growing community of base owners are savvy business owners  or entrepreneurs who have a passion for boating. They were looking for a way to tie these two passions in their life together and strongly believe that SailTime provides the perfect answer. SailTime base owners also expect to build their bases to a minimum of 3+ boats over the first three years of operation. We are looking for enthusiastic, growth oriented business builders.

Your skill set and experience level

At SailTime we are looking for those individuals who are willing and ready to roll up their sleeves, coil their ropes and get the job done. We are looking for self starting, business builders/owners. Experience show that those base owners who are successful are those who have significant sales and marketing experience combined with business operations skills.

The financial investment

Although the initial cash investment required of you by SailTime may be relatively low compared to other Franchise business opportunities, your minimum personal cash investment can range between $60k to $150k depending upon your market area, pricing variables and other business planning factors. The business plan that you will create with our guidance and support, will answer all of these questions for you. We would also advise you to seek independent, professional advice about this business opportunity.

Commitment to franchise standards

Are you ready to make the commitment to become an independent business owner within a franchise system? Are you willing and prepared to follow our successful franchise process and operating systems of SailTime?

The time frame

If you are interested in, and are subsequently offered a SailTime base location, from your initial interest through to the offer and acceptance, you can expect to invest approximately 60-90+ days . We do not push you through the process as we fully expect, and indeed demand, that you to make a fully informed decision about this business opportunity. We do not sell SailTime to you; you must make the choice to join SailTime yourself!

Managing your business

From helping you determine your base location to your training and systems knowledge both the SailTime Group, LLC and SailTime Australia have a strong support system to aid and assist you in the opening and ongoing operation of your business. Every business requires the dedication of not only money, but also time. Are you ready?

SailTime Australia was launched in July 2009 at the Sydney International Boast Show

 Sydney Harbour Rushcutters Bay and Middle Harbour
Newport /Pittwater Harbour
Port Stephens

Being a SailTime base owner has been a wonderful experience. The support I receive from SailTime Group has been instrumental in my success. With the library of agreements, process documents, and marketing collateral, I was able to get up-and-running quickly.

The ongoing development of products, marketing, and support tools has helped me grow.  The knowledge shared by the SailTime Group personnel and fellow base owners has helped me to avoid mistakes, identify new opportunities, and deal with the inevitable issues that arise. I look forward to the next 6 years and can’t even imagine where we will be then.


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