SailTime Plus

Enjoy sailing trips around the world with SailTime PLUS Exclusive Membership

SailTime PLUS opens up a world of possibility for SailTime members and Yacht owners!

Thorough our unique SailTime Plus program you can access any of the 115+ boats at our 35+ bases worldwide throughout North America, Europe and now Australia.

As a SailTime member or Owner-member your joining fee includes automatic membership to SailTime PLUS so that you can in addition to sailing on your boat in your local waters also enjoy your SailTime Membership at other SailTime locations worldwide.

SailTime PLUS makes reserving a boat at another SailTime base easy and cost effective. You can now reserve a boat for a few hours, a day ,a week anywhere SailTime has a base, subject to availability, at the time of booking.

SailTime PLUS enables you to cruise the world for a lot less than the cost of chartering and you can rest assured you will get the great service you are accustomed to at your home location whenever you visit another SailTime base.

Also, chances are you will be familiar with the boat, the systems and thorough check on/off process as it’s the same as you already use at your home base. Lastly, you will experience one-to-one attention from our SailTime Base Manager and not just be a “one of the crowd”.

Pricing for SailTime PLUS is simple! When you join SailTime you are automatically enrolled into SailTime PLUS . The total fee payable is calculated based upon a boat reservation fee per location ( often zero) and the length of time you wish to sail the boat , plus if this is your first visit to the location a fee to cover a local waters orientation session.

SailTime PLUS also applies locally in Australia and provides even more opportunities to get on the water sailing other vessels in local destinations.

For more details please speak to your local SailTime representative.

Make the most of your membership

As a member of SailTime  you will also be able to participate in a number of social sailing activities organised by your local base including Sail days, twilight racing, cruises and local regattas. Throughout the year together with our yacht partner, Beneteau, we enter a yacht into various regattas sailed at a variety of locations, including Sydney Harbour, Pittwater, Gold Coast, Whitsunday, South Australia, Port Philip.

Whatever your passion for sailing your membership with SailTime enables you to live the dream.

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