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The SailTime Schools and Universities Membership programme

Provides an ideal platform for children to discover first hand the benefits of team work, communication and responsibility through experiential learning.



The program ensures that key leadership and personal development skills are brought to the fore and groups are encouraged to work towards their RYA certificates within a structured learning environment.

The SailTime Schools and Universities Membership programme provides a unique opportunity to create an added-value learning activity for your students and includes:

  • Up to 36 days sailing throughout the year
  • Flexible booking arrangements from half a day to 5 days duration
  • Programs from Introduction to Sailing through to Day Skipper
  • RYA /YA certified instructors
  • A range of locations to choose from
  • Fully equipped yachts from 34-42 feet ,all of which meet Maritimes strict safety standards


SailTimes Schools/Universities program enables you…

To provide a structured opportunity for students to learn to sail in a safe and cost  effective  environment.
To offer a flexible sailing program reflecting your   scheduling requirements across the year
To enable your school to offer additional sporting activities during term-time and adventure training during the school holidays
To provide RYA/YA courses for students up to Day Skipper and  through the SailTime  accredited sailing school
To enable schools/university sailing clubs to offer RYA/YA  practical courses and training during term time.
To provide team building and leadership opportunities for faculty staff

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