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SailTime membership has been designed to meet the needs of today’s busy lifestyle

For people wanting to get on the water with their friends and families, SailTime eliminates all of the hassles, cost and time associated with traditional sailboat ownership, sailing syndicates and boat share schemes. With SailTime there are no longer any barriers to sailing that new fully equipped yacht you have dreamed about.


With SailTime’s unique program, your monthly membership is typically no more than a months berthing fees at your local marina. All of our new luxury Beneteau and Jeanneau yachts are “shared” by a maximum of seven Members and one Owner Member, and you are each guaranteed flexible and frequent use of your yacht.


Members use our highly advanced SailTime Scheduler™ to make instant reservations or plan outings up to a year in advance.

To find out more click the links above the base location pages or contact your local SailTime base via phone 1300 944 974 or complete our no obligation enquiry form to see just how easy and affordable it is to become a member.

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“SailTime has been a terrific investment. When we first joined, I’d never sailed before! But I’d always wanted a boat. In fact, I was negotiating the purchase of a boat when I heard about SailTime. When I compared the costs, I couldn’t believe the value. A quick trial sail, and I was in.

Learning to sail has been amazing. My wife and I have gone from zero knowledge, to sailing a 40 foot yacht in Sydney Harbour – it’s absolutely spectacular.

The boats are amazing. Because they get sailed every single weekend, there’s never any disrepair – things are fixed immediately. I don’t have time to sail during the week, so SailTime provides just the right amount of access. My favourite part is being able to get onto a boat and sail without any hassles at all – you just walk on, and walk off. My friends think it’s a great option. They are keen to join together in a group membership.”


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