Your Ownership Program questions answered

A You will be the exclusive owner of the boat and have all the benefits of ownership without all the associated costs, time commitment and worry.

A You receive the monthly residual income from our professional management and proven marketing program typically this is equivalent to an annual return of 4-6% of the capital value of your boat.

A SailTime will professionally manage your boat within our fleet for 3 to 6 years.

A Yes, with 9 months notice you can remove your boat from the programme at anytime and our agreemnt also allows for you to remove it at the end of years 3, 4 and 5

A We only put new or near new ( less than 2 years old) boats into our programme. This gives a consistent quality experience to all our members worldwide.

A SailTime maintain your boat under our proffessional management program and the income from members fees typically covers all the outgoings once the vessel is established within the SailTime fleet

A You would be offered an alternative base location to continue within the SailTime programme. Furthermore, SailTime would be actively looking to reappoint a new Base Owner at your location, but in the interim might well choose to run the base itself. Obviously, as  owner of the vessel you would be entitled to remove or sell your boat.

A All the yachts in our fleet our well euiped including chart plotter, autopilot, electric windlass, galley items and other features that make yachting easy and enjoyable. All SailTime boats are fully certified to the Maritime safety standards for training vessels and carry extensive safety equipment.

A We only work with world-class manufacturers who are committed to providing quality yachts and powerboats. SailTime only adds manufacturers after an extensive evaluation. In Australia and New Zealand our yacht partner is Beneteau. .

A Similar to a member you have access to the online scheduler to plan your sailing calender. Owners have unlimited access to thier boats subject to existing member commitments. Where you have specific requirements again subject to member commitments you can schedule access up to a year  in advance .

A Typically when arranging finance for their vessel our owner members put down a minimum of 20% of the purchase price. However, many owner-members opt to put down larger percentages.

A You are free to arrange your own financing . Alternatively SailTime can provide you with a list of finance companies who are familiar with SailTime and who you can apply to for finance.

A Yes we encourage owners and members to meet through regular events. Each SailTime base holds frequent social gatherings for members in order that they can meet.

A SailTime maintains an exclusive membership of a maximum of 8-10 people on your boat. Each member must be suitably qualified and is also assessed by SailTime in the 2 day induction that all members undertake. This ensures that each member is familiar with your boat’s operation. Additionally, each SailTime member signs a ‘Care Commitment’ document, which ensures that they treat the boat as if it were their own. Add SailTime’s proactive management and high standards and you get a boat that is exceptionally well looked after.

A Residual values will always vary with the market place. SailTime only choose manufacturers that we feel will have better than average residuals. Depreciation is always greatest in years 1 and 2, declining in year 3. By year 5, depreciation has flattened with very little further depreciation for a well-maintained yacht. SailTime assit you to pay of your depreciation through the residual income you receive while it is in our fleet. Importantly we have negotited on your behalf with our suppliers  a guaranteed minimim buy back figure at the end of years

A You may take your yacht or power boat for your personal use, refinance to lower the payments, upgrade to a new boat and re-enter into the programme, or sell your boat. All these options leave you with a very rewarding and quality SailTime sailing experience.

A Contact your preferred SailTime base for detailed specifications and additional options together with financing information. The boat will be specified and ordered with the assistance of SailTime, who will see the process through to the commissioning and delivery. SailTime can guide you through the financing process and take care of everything associated with the delivery and commissioning of your vessel in Australian waters on your behalf.