The benefits of our Boat Ownership Program

We only allow well trained, responsible sailors on board your boat. With charter, rental and other programmes many different people use your boat and do not necessarily care for it as if it was their own.

In the SailTime programme, experienced SailTime members will be the only ones with access to your yacht. In addition, your boat will be professionally maintained under our high-quality yacht maintenance regime.

Furthermore, our unique SailTime E-maintenance program helps us to maintain the boats in real-time, whilst our SailTime Scheduler ensures that you enjoy easy access to your boat when planning your sailing calendar.

We keep the boats in SailTime from five to six years. At the end of the term, you may decide to keep your boat, sell it, or trade it in for a new one and start a new agreement to continue sailing with SailTime. the choice is yours. Speak with your local base manager for more details.

We hold your hand through the process of purchasing and specifying a brand new 35-45 ft. luxury Yacht. We work with you in reviewing the equipment onboard your boat ensuring it meets the discerning high quality we incorporate as standard. When your boat is delivered, it is entered into SailTime’s professional yacht management programme.

You will then be able to enjoy worry and expense-free sailing in your local sailing area. The income you earn from SailTimes professional management program takes care of all the insurance, berthing, annual haul-outs, maintenance and operating expenses for up to six years. On top of this, you enjoy the residual monthly income that you can apply to your vessel finance.

SailTime provides affordable boat ownership

You can live your dream of owning your own boat, easily

Jeanneau 42DS SailTime Australia Sydney Harbour FleetAs the owner, you receive all surplus funds generated. The boat will be berthed at your local SailTime base or a base of your choosing and you decide how much time you want to spend sailing subject to pre-existing member commitments.

As our over 100 existing owners around the world have found there are unequalled advantages to the SailTime Owners Program with its practical, enjoyable and financial benefits.

Because SailTime takes care of all of the day-to-day operational expenses and time-consuming maintenance you have nothing to worry about except when and whom to take out on the water!

Once you have provided the initial deposit for your boat, typically 20%, you need not worry about much else!

Our established relationships with yacht manufacturers/importers mean we can easily assist you to purchase and place your vessel in the SailTime fleet.

We can also introduce you to financial experts who understand the process of buying and financing a boat within the SailTime Owners Program.

SailTime boat ownership is the smart way to buy a boat

  • We professionally manage your boat within our fleet
  • We provide a contribution to your finance costs via monthly payments
  • Your yacht is regularly and professionally cleaned each month
  • We take responsibility for scheduled maintenance and all repairs
  • Boat inventory is professionally managed
  • Your boat will be berthed in a first-class marina with excellent facilities
  • We organise on your behalf comprehensive insurance coverage designed specifically for SailTime
  • We annually haul out your boat for routine maintenance, hull cleaning /antifouling and engine service
  • Our proprietary software handles all aspects of scheduling and maintenance and member management
  • We provide you with a monthly detailed financial summary
  • Owners are automatically enrolled in SailTime plus and can enjoy access to our 50+ basis around the world

*Please note: Tax implications should be discussed with your financial advisor

All you have to do is enjoy sailing on your brand new fully equipped yacht.

If you’re wondering what the catch is, we’re yet to find one!

To find out more contact us on 1300 944 974 or complete our enquiry form to see just how beneficial it is to become an owner compared to traditional boat ownership.