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SailTimes Membership based program is an innovative new approach to sailing and boat ownership that makes it easier, quicker and more economical for aspiring skippers to take the helm of a new boat. We threw out the old tired traditional ownership model and rewrote the book for today’s sailor.


This is how it works:

A sailboat is “shared” by a limited number of Members and one Owner Member who each are guaranteed, but not restricted to a number of sail times per month. Additionally, Members can access “as-available” use at 24-hour notice.

Members design their own sailing calendar to sail as little or as much as they want, using the highly advanced SailTime on line Scheduler™.

Members can make short term sailing reservations or plan up to a year in advance and can request to swap sail times with other members or invite other memebrs to join them.

We offer two classic membership packages:

  • Gold Members have a guaranteed 6 SailTimes per month, unlimited ‘as available’ sailing and enrollment in SailTime Plus for a monthly fee that is typically only a few dollars more than the cost of a local marina berth!
  • Silver members have a guaranteed 3 SailTimes per month plus the ability to access ‘as available’ sailing and SailTime Plus for a small additional fee
  • We also offer exclusive Mid Week and Corporate membership packages
For further detail please complete the no obligation enquiry form or call us on 1300 944 974


Free Trial Sail

As our existing members have already found, SailTime is the suprisingly affordable and enjoyable way to sail. Each of our bases regularly conducts free no obligation trial sails. Click here to request a trial sail at your local base.


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