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SailTimes Membership based program is an innovative new approach to sailing and boat ownership that makes it easier, quicker, and more economical for aspiring skippers to take the helm of a new boat. We threw out the old tired traditional ownership model and rewrote the book for today’s sailor.

This Is How It Works:

  1. A sailboat is “shared” by a limited number of Members and one Owner Member who each are guaranteed, but not restricted to a number of sail times per month. Additionally, Members can access “as-available” use at 24-hour notice.
  2. Members design their own sailing calendar to sail as little or as much as they want, using the highly advanced SailTime online Scheduler™.
  3. Members can make short term sailing reservations or plan up to a year in advance and can request to swap sail times with other members or invite other members to join them.
  4. “As Available” extra sailing times beyond the 3 guaranteed monthly sails for Silver members and 6 for Gold Members can also be booked through the Scheduler (no charge for Gold Members and $200 per sail for Silver members)
  5. SailTime PLUS makes sailing at alternative bases in NSW, North America, Canada, and Europe are also available – see our Global Access page

Try sailing with SailTime Australia

We Offer Two Classic Membership Packages:

  • Gold Members have a guaranteed 6 SailTimes per month, unlimited ‘as available’ sailing and enrollment in SailTime Plus for a monthly fee that is typically only a few dollars more than the cost of a local marina berth!
  • Silver members have a guaranteed 3 SailTimes per month plus the ability to access ‘as available’ sailing and SailTime Plus for a small additional fee
  • We also offer exclusive Mid Week and Corporate membership packages

For further detail please complete the no obligation enquiry form or call us on 1300 944 974

SailTime Makes Sailing Affordable

SailTime is an innovative alternative to traditional boat ownership or sailing club membership. Consider this, most people who own a sailboat use it 2-3 times per month. Yet the cost of ownership is high: marina fees are $600-$1000 per month, your monthly payment to the bank could range from $2500 to $4000 per month, then there are boat repairs and maintenance, insurance, cleaning…..the list goes on and on!

SailTime lets you enjoy the thrill of boat ownership, without the expense. With SailTime Fractional Sailing you share access to a fully equipped new sailboat with eight others who are also interested in sailing. Individually, you are guaranteed at least six sail times per month, and SailTime covers the insurance, marina fees, cleaning and repairs of the sailboat. All for a monthly cost that is around the cost of just the berth at your local mariner. With boat ownership, if you tire of the boat you have to sell it. With SailTime membership you have total choice and join for just one year at a time. The appeal of SailTime is that it’s essentially an extremely economical, turn-key, sailing system, Members simply turn up at the dock and sail!

You can be on the water for as little as $800 a month with a Silver Membership on our Oceanis 37 in Middle Harbour or enjoy the extra time on the water and additional benefits of Gold Membership on our Jeanneau 42DS at Rushcutters Bay, Sydney Harbour, or just $1280 per month.

SailTime Is Hassle-Free Sailing

Want to sail a beautiful new sailboat in your local waters in the morning, afternoon, evening, overnight, weekend or for a week for a lot less than owning or even chartering an older, smaller boat? With SailTime, you can! As a Member at SailTime, your sailboat is ready when you are, thanks to our interactive online sail time scheduling and management system. SailTime has made sailing practical, cost-effective and simple.

No boat maintenance, finance, slip fees or insurance costs

No long term commitments, no buying or selling — just cruise when you want.

If you want all the benefits of boat ownership with easy access, nothing compares to the SailTime Scheduler. Hundreds of hours of code development and years of working with our members have enabled us to develop the proprietary SailTime Scheduler software programme that lets members make instant reservations or plan up to a year in advance. Simply design your own sailing calendar whenever you want. The SailTime Scheduler makes booking your sailing simple.

“The SailTime boats are great – they’re all new, always in good shape, and any issues we’ve noticed have been dealt with promptly. Booking Sailtimes is no problem –we plan in advance and  get to sail as much as we desire.”

“I’d say to anyone thinking of joining up, that the value per dollar and the quality of the SailTime experience make it a very smart decision. It’s a great option for anyone wanting to get into sailing without the costs of managing and maintaining a boat”.

“The boats are beyond fantastic. They’re excellent – easy to sail and lots of fun. Before I joined SailTime, I didn’t have a lot of sailing experience, but after doing a couple of courses I found it very easy to pick up the skills and gain confidence.”

Free Trial Sail

As our existing members have already found, SailTime is the surprisingly affordable and enjoyable way to sail. Each of our bases regularly conducts free no-obligation trial sails. Click here to request a free trial sail at your local base.

Try sailing with SailTime Australia